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Live In-Spirit

Spiritual Tools continued...

  • feel secure to embrace the life we imagine

  • incorporate spiritual practices to connect to the infinite source and transform all facets of your life

  • being thankful opens us to viewing the silverlinings woven in the tapestry of the golden threads

  • find a gratitude method that brings a breath of fresh air into your world

Life Purpose and Gifts
  • often when we feel stuck, it's because we are not allowing our gifts to feed our purpose in this life

  • special custom programs for this essential work

Metaphysical Concepts
  • in spiritual terms— beyond the physical

  • learn tools from specific concepts to propel you in new directions

Forgiveness Work
  • clear and release old wounds to allow solutions and peace to flow into your being

  • learn forgiveness techniques to set you free from the barriers of pain, guilt, and resentments

Spiritualizing Sex 
  • an act that most adore

  • learn to integrate spiritual practices into your sex life and create new, meaningful experiences  

Dream Bigger
  • we often consistently limit ourselves and stay stuck

  • learn to ask for more and expand your imagination to see alternate solutions

Grounded Prayer
  • an overlooked powerful spiritual tool used throughout the ages

  • learn a way to pray that supports your spirit and journey

Move Through and Beyond Fear
  • fear keeps many of us paralyzed from reaching our true potential and claiming our dreams

  • learning to acknowledge the fear we can use our wisdom and spiritual practices to move beyond it

Love in Action
  • inspired acts that bring unconditional love to this time and space

  • cultivate a wealth of internal resources to act on these inspirations to create a better world for all of us

Expansive Thinking
  • our narrowminded and redundant thoughts chain us to what is

  • emerge beyond the monotonous into your sacred spirituali

Resources of Now
  • nothing is more powerful than recognizing that all you have is this moment in time

  • learn to appreciate, be aware, and act in this moment, now

  • that instructive and protective voice most of us frequently ignore

  • develop your intuition, build confidence in discerning this voice, and allow the spiritual solutions to flow

  • quieting the mind so we may listen to the universe

  • many different styles— 
    learn one or a few that work for you

Living in Awe
  • that all-encompassing, full being feeling that you’re standing in the presence of something truly magnificent

  • practice living in awe in your daily life and watch these moments multiply

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