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The Art of Teaching Spirituality

Teaching from the Heart and Spirit in an Endless Field of Possibility and Transformation

As unique beings, I honor each client’s beliefs and dreams. I understand and respect that we are all one-of-a-kind souls here in this moment and we must find that which resonates with our own individuality. That perspective combined with loving respect and understanding is at the center of how I teach, support, and assist my clients with their journeys and spiritual development, so that they may courageously live authentically while having the spiritual tools necessary to navigate each joyous or turbulent moment and all those in between.  

There is no magic pill for a life worth living. But we can embrace each moment with an open heart, awake to the guiding force of spirit, and amass the lessons wrapped in the moments of joy, sorrow, and turmoil; so we can seek quality, effective, and affirming support when we need it most.

It is no accident that we miraculously live in a time and a place where we have the individual freedom to seek greater understanding of what it means to live a human experience while simultaneously recognizing our spiritual path. Choosing to follow a spiritual path leads us to the creative in-spirit lives we imagine and changes the world. Even if it's only our own wellbeing that is altered, such change does indeed transform the world. The way we live impacts others, always. We are but a drop in the universe, but that drop initiates a divinely infinite ripple that expands outward in every direction.

My life passions paired with my life experiences have provided me with ample opportunities to cultivate my gifts. I expand and evolve to continuously enhance the effectiveness of my teaching:   

  • collecting wisdom

  • navigating life with my intuition and inspiring others to do the same

  • discovering with my clients which spiritual tools work best for them

  • creating custom spiritual intensives for my clients

  • offering alternative perspectives to change the stories of our lives to one of lessons, gifts, and healing

  • championing my clients

  • learning and sharing wisdom stories to move us to new understandings

  • hearing the calls from within my clients of the gifts and the life purposes that wish to be fulfilled in this time and space

  • encouraging my clients to listen and follow their callings while using and developing their gifts

  • witnessing and affirming my clients' epiphanies and intuitive guidance

  • affirming my clients’ needs for extra nurturing as they cultivate new life transforming habits

  • participating in creating space for cultivating peace for ourselves and the world

  • and simply by living life as a human being in this day and age

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