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Spiritual Teacher, Wisdom Collector, Writer, and Poet

I am a quirky, funny, nerdy, sci-fi/fantasy loving woman who cannot live without music nor books and who isn’t ever too far from a pen and paper to catch her soul inspired ideas. I am a teacher of math, science, spirituality, and metaphysics. My personal spiritual journey is intimately connected with my curiosity for understanding our universe. To that end, I’ve spent over 25 years pursuing the intersection of spirituality and science—researching, studying, teaching, and embracing the essential lessons of life experience.


I am passionate towards and gifted at helping others claim the deepest call from within their beings, connect to spirit, and flourish in a life worth living. I believe that when we are connected to our spirit, we can thrive. Life is not always easy, but we can discover and learn the tools to help us navigate, traverse, and eventually appreciate the gifts in each moment of our existence.

My Path To Teaching

The Roots From Which I Sprang

My Beliefs Buoy Me

Art of Teaching Spirituality

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