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Awaken The Mindfulness

Spirituality For Navigating And Flourishing In A Modern World

Drawing on over 25 years of spiritual research, training, teaching, and personal experience, I create unique sessions and spiritual intensives (custom programs) to support each client’s personal journey.


Live In-Spirit

Book A Session To Learn New Tools
To Transform Your Spiritual Life
  • feel secure to embrace the life we imagine

  • incorporate spiritual practices to connect to the infinite source and transform all facets of your life

  • cherishing a thankful state can open us to new perspectives, noticing the silver linings where others only notice dark clouds

  • find a gratitude method that brings a breath of fresh air into your world

Life Purpose and Gifts
  • often when we feel stuck, it's because we are not allowing our gifts to feed our purpose in this life

  • special custom programs for this essential work

Metaphysical Concepts
  • in spiritual terms— beyond the physical

  • learn tools from specific concepts to propel you in new directions

Forgiveness Work
  • clear and release old wounds to allow solutions and peace to flow into your being

  • learn forgiveness techniques to set you free from the barriers of pain, guilt, and resentments

Spiritualizing Sex
  • an act that most adore

  • learn to integrate spiritual practices into  your sex life and create new, meaningful  experiences  

I practice the art of aligning with wisdom and intuition to teach spiritual empowerment, while wholeheartedly championing, uplifting, and believing in my clients so that they may bravely...

  • Claim a Life of Prosperity

  • Gain Clarity and Confidence to Make Decisions

  • Reveal Their Life Purpose and Gifts

  • Adhere to the Spiritual Path of Their Calling

  • Transform Their Lives

  • Find a Spiritual Way to Relief and Joy

  • Discover Perspective to a Specific Situation

  • Add New Tools to Their Spiritual Toolbox

Orange Blossom

Kind Words

of Gratitude

Dear c.r.,

Your ability to subtly craft ways for others to understand more about themselves is incredible. Your patience, keen sense of understanding a person's soul, combined with your intuitive nature allow you to empower others to follow their gut, and inculcate new ways of thinking. You are a phenomenal spiritual counselor/teacher/advisor/mentor. Thank you for sharing your gifts. With joy and gratitude, A. M.

Orange Blossom


Inspiring & Fostering one's Spiritual gifts


gifting unique perspective and experience


revival of spiritual awareness


divine insights of the centered soul


intense drive to realize divine purposes


consciously aligned with the present moment


consistently championing spiritual evolution


self-fulfilling expression of innermost desire

My Path

Initiate Spiritual Transformation

Is it time to evolve and expand into your authentic self,

as you thrive in the life you've imagined? 

Explore services & spiritual tools. 

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